For some students, service dogs can make all the difference when it comes to getting an education.

In schools around the country, teenagers and children rely on their helpful canines to help them attend classes, despite disabilities and chronic conditions such as epilepsy and mental health issues.

Thanks to their companions, students can cope with symptoms or get alerted ahead of a crisis, meaning they can manage their conditions even in a school setting, while disruptions in their schedule are kept to a minimum.

While service dogs are often the unsung heroes of the classroom, some of them earned a spot in their owner’s yearbook, and proudly posed for the camera.

Giving credit where it is due: Service dogs help students attend classes despite disabilities and chronic conditions, and some have earned a spot in their owner’s yearbook.

Their photos can thus be seen among everyone else’s, with the dog’s names written in the same font as the humans’.

One of the canines even has an inspirational quote written below his picture, as is the tradition for students—except his simply reads ‘Woof’ and is attributed to Snoopy.